Shunted vs. Unshunted Lampholders

Shunted Lampholders – will have 2 holes (or accept 2 wires) on the unit.

Unshunted Lampholders – will have 4 holes (or accept a total of 4 wires) on the unit.

Shunted Lampholders are to be used with Instant Start Ballasts, and Unshunted Lampholders are to be used with Rapid Start Ballasts.  An unshunted lampholder may be converted to a shunted lampholder by taking a short wire and stripping both ends. Next take one end of the wire and insert it into one hole on the left side of the lampholder, taking the other end and stick it into one of the holes on the right side of the unit.  Thus, making a jump from one side to the other, and now it becomes a shunted lampholder.

Please go to and search for your shunted or unshunted lampholder.


2 Responses to Shunted vs. Unshunted Lampholders

  1. Matthew says:

    Thanks guys for having the LH0534 brackets for wedge base bulbs! You guys are the best!!

  2. Ralph says:

    Thanks for clear description of lamp holder & ballast combination

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